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This Month's Tiny Gems - July 2010

Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQ: AXAS)

Abraxas Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQ: AXAS), an independent natural gas and crude oil exploitation and production company based in San Antonio, Texas, was founded in 1977 by current CEO Robert L.G. Watson who took the company public in 1991. The company's business strategy is focused on increasing shareholder value while maintaining financial flexibility and liquidity. It is Abraxas' belief that growth is best achieved through the drill-bit.

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BioScrip, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOS)

BioScrip, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOS), provider of comprehensive pharmaceutical care solutions, has partnered with healthcare payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, government agencies, physicians, and patients to deliver cost effective programs that enhance the quality of life. The company offers services in four core areas; specialty medications delivered via mail, pharmacy benefit management, community pharmacies and infusion services.

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Endeavour International Corp. (NYSE AMEX: END)

Endeavour International Corp. (NYSE AMEX: END), an independent energy company, has its efforts focused on the exploration, production and acquisition of energy reserves in the North Sea and United States. Since inception in 2004, the company has been transformed from a start-up entity to a balanced oil and gas company with a strong production base and significant cash flow.

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