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In this month's edition we expand our focus to include three different sectors: retail, natural resources and technology. Each of these companies have shown a strong commitment to further growth and are led by competent management teams.

This Month's Tiny Gems - August 2011

American Apparel, Inc. (APP)

American Apparel, Inc. is known throughout the US and all over the world as a top brand of clothing, with a well-developed focus on young adults. The company operates the largest garment factory in the US and employs some 12k people worldwide, operating 254 retail stores in 20 countries, yet over half its employees are in LA.

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Great Panther Silver Ltd. (GPL)

Great Panther Silver Ltd. is one of the fastest growing primary silver producers in Mexico. Focused on acquiring, developing and profitably mining precious and base metals in Latin America, the company owns two operating mines in Mexico, employs over 900 people and has strong leverage to capitalize on future rises in the price of silver.

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Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc. (PNS)

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc., a global provider of services and products, focuses on serving the telecom, imaging, defense/aerospace, medical, semiconductor, industrial automation and IT markets. The company provides a variety of engineering and manufacturing services for global OEMs requiring custom product design, system integration, repair programs, warranty management, and specialized production capabilities.

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