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In this newsletter we take a look at three companies that hold extraordinary potential within their respective industries. While all three are relatively unknown on wall street, they do have adequate liquidity and have attracted the attention of analysts. Keep our featured investments on watch as the companies strive to leverage their unique strengths for greater profits!

This Month's Tiny Gems - September 2009

American International Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMIN)

American International Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMIN) is a diversified holding company that utilizes a business model similar to General Electric, Tyco International, and Berkshire Hathaway. With holdings in Industry, Finance, Real Estate, and Oil & Gas, the focus of the company is to develop holdings in various industries by acquiring existing companies, applying the financial resources and management expertise needed to foster growth, and then leading the acquired businesses to profitability.

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Maxygen, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAXY)

Maxygen, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAXY) is committed to developing superior versions of existing major protein pharmaceuticals. The company’s lead product candidates meet the demands of substantial market opportunities such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. Well positioned for growth, Maxygen has a number of promising product candidates and the financial strength required to drive them through clinical development.

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Five Star Quality Care, Inc. (AMEX: FVE)

Five Star Quality Care, Inc. (AMEX: FVE) is a national healthcare and senior living services provider focused on building a solid financial base by carefully managing assets, resulting in a better bottom-line and enhanced resident care. With more than 21,000 employees in 230 locations nationwide, the company operates through three major divisions: Five Star Senior Living, Five Star Rehabilitation Services, and Five Star Pharmacy Services.

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