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In this edition we take a look at three companies well positioned for strong growth. All three small-cap companies are led by experienced management teams with the expertise necessary to execute their respective business plans and capitalize on promising opportunities.

This Month's Tiny Gems - September 2012

BofI Holding Inc. (BOFI)

BofI Holding Inc. is the holding company of BofI Federal Bank, which operates as a diversified financial services company from a single location headquartered in San Diego, offering both consumer and wholesale banking services.

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Coffee Holding Co. Inc. (JVA)

Coffee Holding Co. Inc. (JVA), based in New York City, produces both roasted and unroasted coffee which they market and distribute in the U.S. and Canada. The company produces corporate branded coffee for private labeling by other companies, as well as producing their own private brands.

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ZAGG Inc. (ZAGG), headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, produces and distributes a variety of protective coverings and other protective products for a wide range of electronic consumer products. ZAGG's flagship product is invisibleSHIELD, a clear covering originally based upon a film used to protect the blades of military helicopters.

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