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In this edition we take a look at three companies well positioned for strong growth. All three small-cap companies are led by experienced management teams with the expertise necessary to execute their respective business plans and capitalize on promising opportunities.

This Month's Tiny Gems - December 2013

Antero Resources Corp. (AR)

Founded in 2004 by its Chairman and CEO Paul Rady and President and CFO Glen Warren, Antero Resources (AR) is an independent oil and gas exploration and development company. It has a market cap of just over $14 billion and engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of onshore, unconventional resources in Appalachia and Ohio regions.

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CF Industries (CF)

CF Industries is the largest and the most flexible producer of nitrogen fertilizers in North America. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient in support of crop yields, and CF’s main market, the United States, remains structurally short. As a result, the domestic prices of nitrogen remain high and the country also continues to attract a large amount of imports.

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Opko Health, Inc. (OPK)

Opko Health, Inc. (OPK) is working on its proprietary 4Kscore test that can predict the probability of prostate cancer prior to prostate biopsy. In November, Opko announced the clinical validation study for its 4Kscore test. The company has begun enrolling patients across 13 sites in the U.S, and it is planning to enroll more than 1,200 patients referred for a prostate biopsy over the coming months.

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Sandridge Energy’s (SD)

Sandridge Energy, Inc. is a major player in the Mississippian Lime, where it has a lease of around 1.85 million acres. The company’s major operations are targeted to the “focus areas”, which consist of six counties: Comanche, Barber, Harper, Woods, Alfalfa, and Grant. During the third quarter, the company operated around 22 rigs in the region, and it plans to operate 23 rigs in the coming quarter.

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